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directed by James Kemp


Character Solos Acting Company includes: Sophie Angelson, Lynsey Bell, Natalie Bray, Tom Cornish, Mario Demetriou, Nathaniel Fairnington, Lola Frears, Shaylyn Gibson, Oliver Gomm, Jackie Haliday, James Kemp, Jodie McNee, Jackson Milner, Jude Monk McGowan, Nicolette Morrison, Beth Park, Rotimi Pearce, Orna Salinger, Kate Sumpter, George Taylor, Josh Taylor, Emily Tucker, Teddy Walker and Sarah Woodruff.  


Character Solos is an ongoing Effort Productions project.  Developed in classes with James Kemp, each show consists of a collection of solo stories: poignant, funny and moving mini-plays, invented, written and performed by each actor.  Each 'solo' delves into a new character's life in one very potent moment.  The magic of these pieces is that the actors creates everything for the audience: the atmosphere, setting and their imaginary scene partners.  Each piece will transport us to a new world and tell a new story.  


Character Solos has been performed was performed previously at the St. James Theatre, and most recently at the Tristan Bates Theatre since 2017.  More are upcoming on Monday 9th December at 2:30 & 7:30.  To book tickets click here.  



“Truly exciting theatre, original, dynamic and fantastic performances.” – Juliet Prague

“Inspirational work!” – Chris Kyriacou

“Funny, challenging, and intriguing.” –Fine Mess Theatre


Photos below by Malachy Orozco




Photos Below by Sophie Angelson