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Instructor: James Kemp



TBA (Please check out our Online Introduction Course being offered during the COVID-19 Crisis)

Price: £245

Venue: Haverstock School, 24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London NW3 2BQ


An intensive course covering the same curriculum as our 5 week Beginners Course.


In this programme you will be introduced to a theory and practice which breaks down all expressive movements into their constituent parts and links them to the deep seated psychological impulses which underpin them. From these building blocks ‘character’ can be constructed, either from scratch as a creative act, or from a close analysis of an already existing script as an act of accurate and imaginative interpretation.


This programme is aimed at participants new to this work, by the end of it the attendees will have begun the process of reading the world around them through this work, linking the psychological with the physical and the physical with the psychological.


The work is theoretically complex, but practically very simple, it provides any actor, whether blessed by a surfeit, or struggling with a modicum of talent a way of applying themselves that will invariably improve the depth of their work and provide a stimulating series of physical questions to ask themselves which inspires their histrionic imaginations to greater heights than they knew before.


We will discuss, explore and work on the following areas during these classes:


Action & Effort

The 4 Mental Factors

The 4 Motion Factors

The 8 Working Actions

The 6 Inner Attitudes (Character Types)

The 4 Externalised Drives.


This series of classes serve as an introduction to the 'Yat Book', it entails an explination of the core principles of the work and how they are applied to the actor's craft.


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