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an adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters

Rosemary Branch Theatre, November 2012


by Sophie Angelson

directed by James Kemp

produced by Sophie Angelson and Rachel Clare

Set Design by Sarah June Mills

Costume Design by Lorna Watts

Lighting Design by Mahdi Yahya


Cast Included: Sophie Angelson, Rachel Barry, Tom Cornish, Joel Gorf, Jamie McKie, Jackson Milner, Simon Pontin, Nick Simons, Anna Tierney, and Natalie Webb.  


Promise is set in Nebraska in the late 1930s during the development of the US Air Force leading up to World War II and follows the lives of a family struggling to achieve the American dream during a time of economic depression and political upheaval.

The Peters siblings moved from New York City to Nebraska in 1927. It is now 1938 and after the death of their mother they find themselves trapped, caring for an ailing father in a tiny town with no hope of achieving the American dream. That is until the arrival of two newcomers to town shakes them to the core and opens the door to possibilities they had never imagined. This adaptation shines light on a generation of people who were given every opportunity to flourish but political and economic circumstances leave them floundering and failing − a situation that resonates deeply with so many people today .


"A wonderfully realized evening of theatre, a great re-telling of a cherished story, one I hope will go on to become cherished in it’s own regard. ‘Promise’ certainly is an apt title for this play and that promise was indeed fulfilled.” –Orlando James


“This American version works well. I have seen Three Sisters many times and this adaptation made me take a fresh look and realise how relevant this play is today.” –UK Theatre Net


 "Real dramatic weight and emotional heft.”--Tom Wicker TIME OUT


"This adaptation is very timely indeed....A production well worth seeing!” --UK THEATRE NET


“The piece seethes with drama from the very outset and pays unswerving, thoughtful homage to Chekhov, a master of layered, situational theatre. ... the tragedy of frustrated potential and the nature of conflict on every level are explored with notable sensitivity and depth in this robust piece.”--EXTRA EXTRA

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Park Theatre, September 2016


by Stephen Fife and Ralph Pezzullo

directed by James Kemp

produced by Wishbone Films in association with Park Theatre and Oliver Taheri Productions


Cast Included: Julia Eringer, Vidal Sancho, George Taylor, Emilio Doorgasingh, Mitchell Mullen, Anne Wittman, Sanee Raval, Sophie Angelson, Lucia Henry Peragine, and Sascha Petrou.  


What if everything you’re ever known was thrown into question?  And everything you ever trusted was subjected to doubt?  When Karen Ruiz’s husband is accused of being a terrorist, she endeavours to clear his name.  Can she maintain her faith in her husband, her marriage and her government?  Or will she find that the only person she can believe in is herself?


Inspired by recent hit films such as Zero Dark Thirty, House of Cards and Homeland, the World Premiere of this political thriller speaks to the universal question and human fear: Can you ever really know someone?


"Very forceful, physically and psychologically" --LondonTheatre1


"Eringer plays the protagonist with confidence and a no-nonsense attitude" --Exeunt Magazine


"A snappy political potboiler" --The Stage