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''Prior to undertaking the beginner's course it would be easy for one to feel daunted by the teachings and practices of Yat Malmgren, there's very little of his theories that have been published and accredited and very few acting studios that claim to provide an extensive knowledge of his work.


However the manner in which the the sessions are taught, and the way in which James breaks down Yat's framework for analyzing character make his work feel immediately accessible. You come away from the classes with an immense level of theoretical and practical approaches to creating character. The work of Yat endows you as the actor with a set of tools that can only serve to create richer and more detailed character work. '' – Callum Cameron


“It's been a hugely rewarding journey discovering Yat's Method, working intensely in a small class under the incisive direction of James Kemp. Rarely is there a class delivered with such balanced rigour, James imparts an unfailing commitment to Yat's work with brilliance, both in clarity of mind and generosity of spirit. Truthful, specific and first rate, I feel lucky to be part of it. “ – Sarah Woodruff


"I spent the summer going to weekly classes and gradually moving from Yat beginners classes to intermediate and now advanced - all of which I found to be fascinating and enriching. I also love James' teaching style and have often been coached by him for auditions. He has such instant and intelligent ideas, and is wonderful to work with."

-Daphne Alexander


"A great teacher and friend ... James carries on the legacy and acting method pioneered by Yat Malmgren and was personally chosen by him.  A truly inspirational teacher and one that propels the actor, through meticulous guidance and with a measure of conscious volition, to breaking their own boundaries with phenomenal work. I'm not exaggerating." –Marcus Campbell Sinclair


“I´m so excited and encouraged to see the brilliant work of Effort Productions. There is a lot I have to be grateful for as an actor but I would not have much if it weren´t for the inspirational teaching of James Kemp. His use and teaching of 'Character Analysis/Movement Psychology` changed my view of what acting could be both as an observer and participant.”– Emilia Clarke